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Color – Lollipop
  • Makes Medicine Time Fast and Easy!!
  • Effortlessly Fits in Major Bottle Sizes, No More Transferring Medicine!!
  • Reaches the Bottom, Getting Every Last Drop!!
  • No More Wastage!!
  • Administer the Entire Dose in One Go (up to 10mL); Save Time and Hassle!!
  • The Ultimate Solution for the Whole Family's Liquid Medication Needs!!
  • Prayed Over
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China

The tool every parent needs in their medicine cabinet!! The Cutie Dose is the ultimate liquid dispenser for your family! It simplifies giving medication with its slim design; allowing the syringe to reach every last drop, eliminating the need for pouring and using multiple containers or bottle adapters. The 10mL capacity also reduces the need for multiple refills; the range of commonly used measurements makes it incredibly easy to administer medication accurately. Designed by parents for parents, to make medicine time a breeze!

Reuseable | Dishwasher Safe Top Rack | BPA Free


This is not a toy. To avoid a choking hazard, inspect before each use. Discard immediately if there are signs of damage. Do not use without adult supervision. Does contain small parts. Please consult with your child's healthcare professionals and follow their recommendations on dosing.


Wash with warm soap and water then let air dry. Dishwasher safe.

Cutie Dose new + improved
Cutie Dose
Cutie Dose
Cutie Dose
Girl with Cutie Dose
Giving baby medicine
Kid receiving medicine
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Absolutely love that I can put the Cutie Dose in the dishwasher if needed. So many measurements are on the side so I can use it for my 1 , 4 and 6 year old without having to find 3 different syringes for measurements and love that they reach all the way to the bottom of the bottle to eliminate air!


My daughter takes daily medication for her epilepsy. Sometimes the pharmacy puts it in a bottle with either no stopper or they're always out of stoppers that fit the bottle. It's really annoying when our syringe doesn't reach and we have to pour some out and then put it in the syringe. These Cutie Doses are PERFECT and a God send for us. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!!


My girl has been going through treatment for around 9 months now and she has never been so excited to take her meds. There's normally lots of tears and bribing during our medication time! She loves the colors and it wasn't too hard for her to push herself. So I want to say thank you again! It truly means so much to us.