Ultimate Feeding Set

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Color – Seaglass
  • Perfect For Babies and Toddlers (6M+)
  • Speech and Occupational Therapist Approved
  • Promotes Self-Feeding Skills and Mealtime Independence
  • Helps Improve Hand-Mouth Coordination and Dexterity
  • Designed in Collaboration With Feeding Specialists
  • 100% food-Grade Silicone|Dishwasher Safe Top Rack 
  • Prayed Over 
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China

Introducing the ultimate feeding utensil set designed to meet your child’s developmental feeding needs! This set includes three specially crafted utensils that promote the development of fine motor skills, ultimately aiding your child’s journey towards independent self-feeding. With this comprehensive set, your child will be well-equipped to explore and enjoy mealtime with confidence and success!!

Cutie Spoonie (Stage 1)
• Perfect for introducing purées
• Shortened handle for tiny hands
• Shallow spoon for ideal portions
• Sensory pleasing exploratory tool

Cutie Tensil (Stage 2)
• Perfect for introducing solids
• Pronged fork for easy pickup
• Cupped spoon helps avoid spills
• Softly scoop + shovel + stab

Cutie Spoovel (Stage 3)
• Encourages spoon mastery skills
• Shovel design for easy scooping
• Elevated sides help avoid spills
• Wide mouth for easy transitioning


To avoid a choking hazard, inspect before each use. Discard if damaged. Do not use without adult supervision.


Before first use, wash with soap & water. Let air dry. Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Colorful foods, dyes, and/or other liquids may cause discoloration and staining.

Ultimate Feeding Set
Ultimate Feeding Set
Ultimate Feeding Set
Baby eating with spoonie
Toddler eating with spoovel
Baby eating with spoonie
Toddler eating with tensils
Toddler eating with spoovel
Baby eating with spoonie
Baby eating with tensils
Toddler eating with spoovel
Parent feeding baby with spoonie
Baby eating with Tensils
Baby eating with spoovel
Mom feeding baby with spoonie
Toddler eating with spoovel
Ultimate Feeding Set
Ultimate Feeding Set
Ultimate Feeding Set
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The Cutie Spoonie is the perfect starter utensil for my baby! The wide handle is easy for him to hold and the shallow depth of the spoon allows him to clear all the food. Bonus points for being incredibly soft, easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

Maddie G.

We love the Cutie Tensils! A couple weeks before our daughter started solids we let her play with them as teethers. Then when we introduced her to food she was already used to them! They are so easy for her to hold and we love that both ends can be used.

Amazon Reviewer

We love how functional the Cutie Spoovel is! Not to mention, how easy it is to clean. Our toddler started with the Cutie Tensil and transitioned beautifully to the Cutie Spoovel.

Heather P.