Creative Stroller Accessories for New Parents

Creative Stroller Accessories for New Parents

Whether you’re popping into the store, going for a walk, or having a grand old time out and about with your baby, it can be hard to keep yourself organized and tend to your baby’s needs. Babies can get fussy, cranky, and messy in their stroller, and with how many items you have to keep track of, it can feel like you don’t have any hands to push the stroller! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative stroller accessories for new parents.

Weather and Safety Essentials

Remember that safety comes first when taking your baby out in the stroller. Use these accessories, so your little one stays comfy and protected.

Stroller Reflectors

At some point, you will be walking at night with your baby, and before that time, you should consider adding stroller reflectors. Reflectors can help illuminate your stroller so cars and cyclists can see you in the dark. Stroller reflectors are incredibly easy to attach and come in various colors.

Stroller Cover

Stroller covers can protect your baby from various environmental conditions that may make them uncomfortable. These plastic covers can shield your baby from rain, snow, dust, or wind so they can safely relax while still enjoying the view. However, you may want to switch to something lighter when it gets hot outside.

Stroller Fan

If it’s hot, but you still want to keep the stroller cover on, or you want to keep your baby protected from heat stress, stroller fans can get the job done. Don’t let their size fool you, these tiny fans are either battery-powered, or you can charge them to keep your baby cool all day, and some even have misting options! But these little beauties aren’t just for babies. You can pop an extra one on the handle to keep yourself cool during hot summer outings.

Mosquito Net

You may be wondering why you would need a mosquito net instead of a stroller cover, and the answer is simple. A mosquito net can protect your little cutie from buzzing pests while still allowing airflow.

Bunting Bag

You might need a bunting bag if you and your baby head out into the cold. Bunting bags, also known as footmuffs, are little hooded bags designed to keep babies warm in the winter. They easily attach to your stroller with a few straps and wrap your baby in a fuzzy cocoon for extra comfort.

Add-Ons To Keep Baby Comfy and Happy

Keep your little one content with these accessories as you stroll around the neighborhood.

Snack Tray

Everyone gets cranky from time to time without a snack, especially babies. However, snack time on the go can quickly become messy without a snack tray. Fortunately, plenty of strollers come with snack trays, but if yours doesn’t, there are just as many universal attachable trays. They can hold bowls, cups, plates, and whatever snacks your baby craves. Just be sure to bring some wipes to clean up any messes.

Toy Fasteners

If you want to prevent your baby from getting bored and fussy in the stroller, bringing their favorite toys is a must. Unfortunately, at a certain age, they love to launch those toys as far as they can! Toy fasteners, like our Cutie Clasp, can keep your baby’s favorite toys attached to the stroller, so you don’t have to worry about losing them or getting them dirty.

Stroller Toys

You can attach arch stroller toys that clip onto the side for extra fun and stimuli. These are perfect for when you’re out running errands, and there isn’t much fun to see or do. They come in different colors and textures and can even play sounds for additional enrichment.

Portable White Noise Machine

If your baby likes soft noises when they sleep, a portable white noise machine can help send them off to dreamland while in their stroller. While white noise, in particular, does help mimic the whooshing noise heard in the womb, you can get an attachable sound machine that plays ocean sounds, music, or anything else your baby likes.

Convenient Accessories for Parents

Don’t forget about yourself! Use these accessories to make your day a little easier.

Phone Holder

Phone holders are a must-have for any stroller because the last thing you want is to search through your bags to answer a call. Most phone holders, such as our Cutie Holder, are easily attachable and posable, so you can answer texts or make calls with ease. And don’t worry; we won’t judge if you use it to watch the occasional movie on the go.

Cup Holder

Cup holders are the unsung hero of stroller accessories because they can hold much more than a cup. While it’s great to have your coffee on the go, cup holders can hold your keys and your phone, so you could ditch the phone holder if you wanted to!

Organizer Caddy

Understandably, you don’t want to dig through your diaper bag to find what you need in a pinch. We recommend keeping the essentials close and on hand with an organizer caddy. While you can keep things like formula, medicine, and clothes in the diaper bag, organizer caddies can hold the essentials, like bottles, wipes, snacks, and diapers.

You certainly don’t have to use all of these creative stroller accessories–do what feels right for you and your baby. The stroller’s goal is to keep your baby happy and have a nice outing. If your little one is teething and can’t seem to get comfortable in or out of the stroller, here at Ryan and Rose, we sell some of the best baby teethers out there. Easy to clean and made of soft medical-grade silicone, our teethers are non-toxic and FDA-approved, and you can pair them with one of our cutie clips, so you never have to worry about losing them.

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