Cutie Bapron

A few years ago, Lindsey wanted to design a bib to add to the Ryan & Rose collection. She started with a silicone design, but wasn’t completely satisfied with the end result. She then began working with Danielle Geneson of Flourish Leather Co. to assist with creating a vinyl bib.

Although it was a beautiful product, she didn’t feel that it was perfect; Lindsey is a firm believer in following the Lord’s direction, and only moving forward with a product that she loves and is 100% passionate about!  


In 2019, Kelsey Larson with Bapron Baby reached out to see if we would be interested in trying out one of her Baprons (bib+apron), and Lindsey immediately fell in love with the quality of the product.  The Bapron was waterproof and stain resistant, durable yet soft, and most importantly it was multifunctional! 

Ryan & Rose loves supporting other companies and their creativity and originality, and Lindsey knew Baprons would be the perfect addition to our company. Lindsey contacted Kelsey to see if she would be willing to collaborate with us so that we could create a personalized Ryan & Rose Cutie Bapron, and thankfully she loved the idea, too! Our first Cutie Bapron was a diamond print with the Ryan & Rose logo, offered in pink, black, and grey. Our customers loved the design and functionality of the Cutie Bapron, just as we thought they would. 

The Cutie Bapron is the perfect answer to all your bib needs. It isn’t limited to just mealtime; the length of the Cutie Bapron makes it the perfect choice for sensory play, artwork, or any other potentially messy activities. They come in two sizes: Small, for 6 months to 3T, and Medium, for sizes 3T-5T.

Since the fabric is waterproof and stain resistant, you can easily rinse them under warm water to remove any food, and use dish soap to tackle any stains. Cutie Baprons are also machine washable if you need more of a deep clean (we recommend using a mesh laundry bag or delicates bag). You can lay them flat to dry, or dry them on low to medium heat in the dryer. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


Over the past two years, we have launched more than 55 Cutie Bapron prints, and have enjoyed the creative process behind choosing each one. It has been a wonderful experience watching our Cutie Baprons evolve, such as adding ruffle sleeves to our girl options, or revising the Ryan & Rose packaging. Working with Kelsey has been an honor, and she has made it such a wonderful experience. We look forward to continuing our beautiful partnership with Bapron Baby, and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for both of us! 

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