2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Lindsey's Favorites

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It’s time for one of my favorite posts we do during the year, our Holiday Gift Guides! Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, teachers, or yourself, these gift guides will help you remove the stress from finding a gift. 

First up, let's talk about the adults in your life. I know for myself, I love receiving useful gifts! What’s better than receiving Caraway Pots? This cookware set features 4 ceramic coated pots/pans with coordinating lids. Another kitchen favorite of Lindsey’s is her Air Fryer. It’s non-stick, stainless steel, and crisps food to perfection! For the guys in your life, an Untuckit Shirt will certainly become their favorite button-down. Something that’s used by both Lindsey’s, and my, family is the Solo Stove Bonfire. This smokeless fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor living space this winter! If the person you’re buying for prefers technological gifts, a Portable Charger or Bluetooth Speaker is always a win. A unique packaging opportunity would be to fill an Aloha Bag with a Cutie Holder, Beauty Counter Products, and a new pair of On Shoes

Caraway Pots/Pans | Air Fryer | Untuckit Shirt | Solo Stove Bonfire
Portable Charger | Bluetooth Speaker | Aloha Bags | Cutie Holder
Beauty Counter Products | On Shoes
While teens like receiving money, gift cards, and electronics, it’s always nice to give them a little something to unwrap! Blue Light Glasses ensure their eyes are safe while looking at their devices (and they just look cute!). A package of Cutie Bands and Cutie Bracelets would make great stocking stuffers. A safe cell phone option for teens would be a Gabb Wireless Phone. This allows them to stay connected with family and friends while providing them with a safe introduction to technology. You can even pair it with a set of wireless Powerbeats earbuds for the teen who loves music! If the teen you’re buying for is more of the adventurous type, I’m sure they’d love receiving a Paddle Board or Electric Bike. Something Ryan has, and uses often, is a Segway! The Handle Bar Attachment can be purchased separately. 
Blue Light Glasses | Cutie Bands | Cutie Bracelets | Gabb Wireless Phone 
 Powerbeats | Paddle Board | Electric Bike | Segway | Segway Attachment 

I find that kids are the easiest to buy for during the holidays! My kids love anything related to games and crafts. Screw Ball Scramble is something we bought them for Christmas Eve! Sensory Bins encourage imaginative play while teaching fine motor skills. Something we’ve had for 2 years now, which is played with every day, is the Nugget. This multi use furniture comes in an array of colors/prints and can be used as a couch or for fort building! For the little tumblers in your life, a Gymnastics Bar will allow them to twist and flip with ease. Last year Landon received a Telescope, and  it proved to be a top-favorite gift from his aunt & uncle! If crafts are the way to go, try a Cardboard Playhouse or 3-D Printer. Some outdoor favorites include a Hoverboard, 4 Wheeler, and Crazy Cart

Screw Ball Scramble | Sensory Bins | Nugget | Gymnastics Bar
Telescope | Cardboard Playhouse | 3-D Printer | Hoverboard
4 Wheeler | Crazy Cart

There’s nothing like seeing the joy in a toddler’s eyes around Christmas time! Bluey Toys are sure to make them smile even bigger. If they’re not into Bluey like Cole and Kinney are, Polly Pockets are making a comeback! If you’re in search of a useful/practical use gift option, this Kitchen Stool has been loved by Charley for years. Pair it with Cutie Tensils and a Cutie Bapron! If something personal is needed, a Munchkin Lane Workbook or Audrey & Bear Pillow Case are both fantastic. Dot Markers are a fan favorite for those buddy artists, while Princess Shoes might be preferred for the dress-up crowd. If you’re looking for an outdoor option, but they’re not ready for a pedal bike, a Balance Bike is a great introductory option! 


Bluey Toys | Polly Pocket | Kitchen Stool | Cutie Tensils | Cutie Bapron
Munchkin Lane Workbook | Audrey & Bear Pillow Case | Dot Markers
Princess Shoes | Balance Bike

While the babies might like the wrapping paper more than the gifts, it’s always fun to give them something to open! Ryan & Rose makes the gift-giving for the little ones in your life pretty flawless. Give the newborns in your life a Cutie PAT Kit and Cutie Cub. Cutie, I Pray is a great “Read” option if your family does the 4 present rule; Something you Want, Something you Need, Something to Wear, something to read. For the babies who might be teething, a Cutie Teether should bring them relief and soothe their gums. Cutie Tensils and a Cutie Bapron are perfect for those being introduced to solids. An Activity Center is perfect for babies who might just be finding their balance, while a Play Table would be great for babies starting to stand/walk!

Cutie PAT Kit | Cutie Cub | Cutie, I Pray | Cutie Teether | Cutie Tensils
Cutie Bapron | Activity Center | Play Table 

Whoever you’re buying for this holiday season, we know they’ll love whatever you’re gifting them. I’m usually crunched on time with everything we have going on, but this year the only thing I have left to do is wrap! Are you an early shopper or last minute gift-buyer? What are you buying this holiday season? 

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Kellee Slevin
Kellee Slevin

I’m an early shopper! It takes a lot of the stress off and I don’t have to worry about shipping times getting delayed. My husband has 5 adult sisters so buying for them is sometimes hard but they are getting totes and cutie holders this year! Love these gift guides as I have lots of nephews, nieces and my own kids to buy for. The pictures and links are super helpful! Thank you!

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