About How Often You Should Clean Your Baby’s Pacifier?

About How Often You Should Clean Your Baby’s Pacifier?

The pacifier is one of the top baby essentials every parent needs since it soothes babies and reduces the risk of SIDS. This item likely goes everywhere your baby does and knowing how to sanitize it is vital. A dirty paci can increase your baby’s risk of getting sick. Prevent this risk by reading about how often you should clean your baby’s pacifier.

How Often To Clean the Paci

Every night or morning, wash off your little cutie’s paci and any teethers they use. Depending on certain factors, you may need to clean these items more often. For instance, if your baby drops their binky on the floor, you should clean it before giving it back to them.

Experts at Mayo Clinic advise consistently cleaning the paci between uses if your baby is under 6 months old. This is because, at this age, an infant’s immune system is more easily compromised.

Preventing Drops

With a paci clip, you’ll prevent the risk of your baby dropping their pacifier. This parenting essential clips to your little cutie’s clothes, stroller, car seat, or anything in between. Attach the other end to their paci so it always remains within their grasp.

Tips for Cleaning the Binky

If it’s a brand-new pacifier or your baby is younger than 6 months, you should boil the binky for three minutes to sterilize it. As you clean the binky, inspect it for signs of wear or cracks. If you notice a tear in the nipple or crack on the shield, throw it away and give your baby a new pacifier.

Some silicone pacifiers, such as those sold by Ryan & Rose, can go into the top shelf of the dishwasher. If you have to run the dishwasher and have spare room, place your Ryan & Rose binky on the top rack for a thorough cleaning.

Reasons To Clean the Pacifier

Cleaning your baby’s binky is vital because it can collect a lot of germs on it, especially if they drop it on the ground. Keep the paci clean so your little one can continue bouncing around and exploring our beautiful world.

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