Best Pacifier for Newborns

For many new moms, researching products for newborns is a top priority. When it comes to pacifiers, finding the best pacifier for newborns can be a daunting task. While some babies may never take a pacifier, others might be particular with which style they like best. Because all babies are different, and like different things, Ryan & Rose offers 5 different Cutie PAT options! There are many styles available on the market, let us help you find the best pacifier for your newborn. 


Orthodontic style

Orthodontic pacifiers are shaped differently to help prevent the potential misalignment of teeth. The shape of an orthodontic pacifier helps to support the overall shape of a baby’s mouth, allowing for a baby’s tongue to rest on the bottom edge of the nipple. Ryan & Rose offers 2 orthodontic options for Cutie PATs. The Cutie PAT Flat is a flattened nipple style and the Cutie PAT Slant has a nipple which is on an inclined.


Round pacifiers are the most conventional pacifier option on the market. The round shaped nipple is soft and pliable which makes it easy for babies to suck. The symmetrical shape of this nipple mimics a woman’s breast and is commonly given to babies in the hospital. Ryan & Rose offers 2 round options. The Cutie PAT Round is available in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 Cutie PATs are for babies without teeth, whereas Stage 2 Cutie PATs are for babies with or without teeth. Additionally, our Preemie Cutie PAT Kit features 2 round nipple options; Tiny & Standard. 



The cherry, or bulb, shaped nipple is oftentimes a favorite for babies with a higher pallet. The shape and placement of the nipple offers a place for their tongue to naturally rest on the bottom. Ryan & Rose offers a cherry shaped nipple option, the Cutie PAT Bulb


The AAP has so much beneficial information and guidance for new parents, especially when it comes to pacifiers. While there are no specific facts which support the notion that pacifiers interfere with breastfeeding, using the best pacifier for your newborn can be an important decision for teaching them the general motion of sucking and soothing. Cara, from Taking Cara Babies, states, “Whether you are breast or bottle feedings, it’s okay to offer your baby a pacifier in the first few weeks of life, you don’t have to fear nipple confusion.” 

Cutie PAT Kit

If you’re unsure about which pacifier would be best for your newborn, we recommend the Cutie PAT Kit! The Cutie PAT Kit allows parents to try the different Cutie PAT options to see which pacifier their baby prefers. Because all babies are different, the Cutie PAT Kit includes 1 of each of our Cutie PAT options: Stage 1 {Round}, Stage 2 {Round}, Flat, Bulb, and Slant. 


Preemie Cutie PAT Kit

For babies who are in the NICU, finding the best pacifier for their needs is a top priority. Lindsey worked closely with professionals in the field to develop the Preemie Cutie PAT Kit. The Preemie Cutie PAT Kit features 2 Cutie PAT Nipples; Tiny & Standard. The Tiny nipple is a round nipple shape, ideal for babies up until 35 weeks {gestational age}. After 35 weeks, we recommend transitioning to the Standard nipple. The notched shield allows room for breathing, CPAP tubes, ET tubes, feeding tubes, etc. 


When determining the best pacifier for your newborn, safety is always at the forefront of any caregiver’s mind! Here at Ryan & Rose, all Cutie PATs are developed with 100% medical grade silicone. Each Cutie PAT has passed CPSC testing and requirements. Additional safety information can be found under the Safety FAQ page on the website. Proper care, cleaning, and understanding the lifespan of a product is extremely important as well. Not all pacifiers are created equally and different materials might require different methods of sanitization. Specific cleaning instructions for all Cutie PATs can be found on the Cleaning FAQ

We hope this information helps you to find the best pacifier for your newborn. Ryan & Rose offers many different options to best suit your little one’s needs!

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