Easter Basket Ideas - For Newborns, Toddlers, and Kids (Video Included)

Easter is coming! 

We love Easter because it means spring is here, it's getting warmer outside, and great family time. Yes, Easter is going to look quite different this year. We may not get to gather with extended family or attend church but it will still be a fun time to celebrate with your children. We have created three separate baskets, targeted towards newborns, toddlers and kids with great products featuring some of our favorite small shops! We hope you can gain some inspiration for your own Easter baskets.

Here's the full YouTube video showing everything in the Easter baskets:

Newborn Easter Basket Ideas:

newborn easter basket ideas

Kalin Marie Boutique Booties: Baby socks are just the worst. They never stay on, then they get lost easily because they fall off so easily. Kalin Marie booties are the solution to your sock problem! Kalin makes quality booties with elastic around the ankle to keep them secure on your little ones feet so they stay cozy and covered! PS. Stay tuned to see these in our shop very soon!  

Freshly Picked Moccs: Shoes are a cute and practical thing to add to Easter baskets for any age. We LOVE freshly picked moccasins for little feet. The moccs feature  elastic at the opening making the shoes easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: they stay on your child's foot. The soft-soled moccs are made with durable, wear-tested leather and are just the perfect shoe!

Cutie PAT, Cutie Teether Rattle & Favorite Cutie Clips: Cutie products are a must for your little ones Easter basket. There are so many great LE colors on the site to match your easter outfits and, of course, you can never go wrong with a new core color PAT. Cutie Teether Rattles are also great and can be used at home or on the go! Lindsey's favorite Cutie Clips for newborns are the Quinn, Ella & Olivia. 

Kalin Marie Lovey: Every little one needs a lovey. Kalin Marie loveys are available in our shop and they are silky soft. This lovey is the perfect size, it comes in three sweet colors (tan, grey and pink) and it has a snap loop for attaching your favorite pacifier, rattle or securing to a car seat. 

Crew + Co scripture cards: Crew + Co is a wonderful shop with biblical resources for the entire family. The scripture cards include 52 references which are beautifully designed on thick card stock. We think these cards are a great addition for parents but they can be saved and used later on as your little one grows. And don't forget to snag an acrylic stand to display your cards on.

Blanket from Lou Lou & Company or Kyte Baby: Blanket are used year-round for babies and can make for a sweet keepsake. Soft blankets, especially, are an essential for good sleep and happy babies in our house. Soft, stretchy & beautiful are just a few of the qualities that the companies we listed have to offer in their blankets. 

Pajamas and sleepers: Bamboo, silky soft pajamas have quickly become a favorite in our house. They are breathable and so comfortable for kids of all ages but especially for that sweet, sensitive newborn skin. Our favorite shops for newborn pajamas are Kyte BabyBellabu Bear, Goosebumps, and Little Sleepies.


Toddler Easter Basket Ideas: 

toddler easter basket ideas

(NEW!) Cutie Pouch: Our new product is an absolute favorite! The Cutie Pouches are just beautiful and so functional. The small pouch is the perfect size to store all of your Ryan & Rose goodies in your diaper bag. It can also carry your summer outdoor essentials like sunglasses, small sunscreen or other travel size products. 

Jesus Storybook Bible: If you are looking for simple and easy to understand Bible stories for your kids, the Jesus Storybook Bible is an item you will want to have. We read this almost every night and it is a great resource for holidays such as Easter. 

His Kids Company Silicone Coloring Book: These coloring books are amazing! This silicone coloring book is something that can be enjoyed over and over again. It is small enough to take almost anywhere and all you need are washable markers to pair with it. To clean, simply run it under water or used a baby wipe to wash away your kids coloring and make the pages good as new. 

Bapron Baby: Baprons are so cute and another practical addition to the Easter basket. Because baprons tie around the body and not their little necks, kids feel calm and comfortable during mealtime or while crafting. Stay tuned for a collaboration with Ryan & Rose soon!

Lou Lou & Company: Lindsey is a fan of Lou Lou bows for newborns to toddlers. They come in many different sizes and colors. The bows shown in the video are a smaller size and perfect for wispy bangs that are not quite long enough to be pulled back or pushed behind the ear quite yet. 

Kalin Marie Lovey & Booties: As I said before, Kalin Marie products are top notch quality. Our little one can't sleep without her lovey, it's so soft and comforting. The Kalin Marie booties are another awesome purchase for toddlers because they fit securely and are just so adorable. 

Cutie PAT, Cutie Bit & Cutie Clips: specifically for a toddler, we recommend the Cutie PAT Round Stage 2 and Flat because they now have teeth. One tip is to use the Cutie Bit as a teether to wean your child off a pacifier when they get to be 2 years of age. And of course, Cutie Clips can be use on PATs and Bits, but also used on a multitude of other products for your little ones. 

Poppy Lane & Co bracelets: Poppy Lane & Co has beautiful bracelets for your little girls. Lindsey has used these with her girls for years and stands behind their amazing quality. Whether you like simple sterling silver or a more bold color pattern, they have many options to choose from.

Cutie Tensils & Cutie Tags: If you haven't tried Cutie Tensils with your toddlers you are missing out! They are so easy to use and come in a variety of colors. Cutie Tensils are great for transitioning your child to using utensils on their own. Cutie Tags are the cutest accessory for bags, lunch boxes, water bottles and so much more. Cutie Tags also come in a variety of colors and can be personalized with anything you would like such as name, phone number, address, allergies, etc. 

Crew + Co Scripture Cards: The Crew + Co Scripture cards featured in the toddler basket are a different edition than the first listed in the post above. With different verses and different backgrounds, these cards are a great tool for diving into scripture with your children and beginning to memorize the Word with them. 

easter basket for toddler

Little Mama Shirt Shop Matching shirts: LMSS is always coming out with the most adorable shirts for the whole family! Snag matching shirts for you kiddos and yourself. So cute, great quality and comfortable for wearing during the many springtime activities coming your way in the next few months. 

Lotus & Sun Bikini: How cute are these swimsuits?! Lotus & Sun is a small shop that creates adorable, quality swimwear. A new swimsuit is sure to get your kiddos excited and ready for summer!


Kid Easter Basket Ideas:
kid easter basket ideas

(NEW!) Cutie Pouch: The kids Easter basket features our new large Cutie Pouch. Y'all, this pouch is amazing! I'm in love with it and I know you will be too. Kids can use the large cutie pouch for so many things. I imagine this will come in handy for "stuff" in their backpacks, bags for summer camps or trips near and far. When the cutie pouch launches, RUN because you do not want to miss it!

cutie pouch

Otrio Game or Gotrio travel edition: This new take on tic tac toe is fun for the whole family. The rules are simple and it is usually pretty quick, which is perfect for those short attention spans. Gotrio is also available for a more budget friendly option. 

Cutie Holder: The Cutie holder can be used around the house or in the car. It is a great tool for small objects in your child's bedroom or playroom. It is the perfect drink holder for the car, it can store sunglasses, headphones - the possibilities are endless!

His Kids Company Silicone Coloring Book: coloring books are for all ages, which is why this silicone coloring book is also in our kid's basket. Kids of any ages enjoy coloring, so we highly recommend this reusable and washable silicone coloring book from His Kids Company. 

Cutie Tags: Backpacks, sports bags and lunch boxes all need a personalized accessory. We love cutie tags because they allow us to quickly identify the bags that are ours - they stand out from the crowd. 

Cutie Straps & Sunglasses: since spring is here and the sun is coming out more, it's time to bring the sunglasses out and keep them close. We all know kids easily misplace their sunglasses, so why not give them a new pair for the season and also a Cutie Strap to keep them close. 

Cutie Bracelets: Colorful and cute, Cutie Bracelets are great for boys are girls alike. Your kids will enjoy wearing these and sharing the second bracelet with a friend or someone in their life who needs encouragement. The many different colors are so cute paired together for the "big kids" in your life. 

Lotus & Sun Swimsuit: sun is coming out, the pool or beach is calling (when we're able to travel again). It's a perfect Easter basket gift for the season. It's always been a tradition for us and maybe it's one for you. We love the swimwear from Lotus & Sun and highly recommend their line. 

Poppy Lane & Co Bracelets: if you know Lindsey, you know she loves her Poppy Lane & Co. This is one piece of jewelry Lindsey highly recommends for moms and kids. Pick a precious bracelet for your kid's basket and we're sure they'll love it as much as Lindsey. 

Cutie Bands: bands are such a necessity as the temps increase and the sun comes out. Drop some of our Cutie Bands in your girls' baskets so they can easily pull their hair back and also wear the bands around their wrists (if they don't have any Cutie Bracelets that is).

AirPods Case: headphones are a must around the house for kids, and for road trips. Kids are into music, YouTube, and maybe TikTok. Having headphones, like AirPods, are a great way for them to enjoy their media without bugging everyone in the house. And having a case makes it easier to protect and keep up with, which we all know (as parents) is important. This is a cute case Lindsey found on Amazon because who doesn't like something Disney?

Cutie Lanyard: the lanyard can be used in so many neat ways for a kid. One way is attaching the lanyard to the AirPods case we mentioned and your kid can wear it around with them. Drop a Cutie Lanyard in the basket and see how your kid uses it. 

Little Mama Shirt Shop Matching Shirts: grab some of the best shirts around and match with your other kiddos. Lindsey loves Little Mama Shirt Shop for shirts during all seasons. Have fun picking out shirts for your littles, and yourself. 

Crew + Co Scripture Keychain: Scripture can carry us and our children through so much in life. These small scripture keychain cards are perfect for backpacks and because they come on a binder ring, it's easy to keep them all together and safe from getting lost. 


Even though Easter may not be celebrated with our usual traditions this year, let's not forget the true reason for our joy: the death and RESURRECTION of Jesus. Take some extra time this year to reflect on all you are thankful for and enjoy the special weekend with your family! Happy Easter, friends! 


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