Everything You Need To Know About Pacifier Clips

Everything You Need To Know About Pacifier Clips

Finding your baby’s pacifier isn’t always the easiest task. Sometimes, you find yourself digging through the diaper bag or running around the house as you hunt for the paci. But most babies love their pacifier, so losing it is anything but ideal, and this is where a pacifier clip swoops in to save the day! Keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to know about pacifier clips before buying this essential for your little one.

What Is a Pacifier Clip?

What is a pacifier clip, and why do parents need them for their little ones? A pacifier clip attaches to your baby’s clothes with a metal or plastic clip that connects to a short cord. The other end of the pacifier has a string that you’ll loop through the pacifier to keep both connected. Pacifier clips also help prevent the paci from getting too dirty since your little one won’t place it on the floor.

Tips for Looping It

To attach the pacifier clip to the binky:

  1. Take the looped end
  2. Thread it through a ventilation hole in the shield or handle
  3. Pull the rest of the cord through the newly made loop
  4. Pull tight

Once you attach the pacifier clip to the paci, all you have to do is clip it onto your baby’s shirt!

How Many Should Parents Have?

The number of pacifier clips you need is a matter of opinion. While you need at least one to ensure you don’t lose the paci, some parents have two as a backup. Other parents have a small collection of paci clips in different colors so that they can coordinate them with their baby’s outfits. Keep in mind, pacifier clips do have a lifespan and should be discarded after 2 months of continued use.

They Make the Paci Easy To Grab

With a pacifier clip, you no longer have to worry about you or your baby misplacing their pacifier. Plus, your baby can grab their paci anytime they need a bit of comfort. It’s easy to lose track of things when you have an active little one to take care of. And when your baby is fussy and crying, the stress can make it harder for you to find their precious pacifier. A paci clip eliminates all this since the binky is always within your baby’s grasp.

A Perk: Some Double as Teethers

Some pacifier clips also work as teethers—depending on the design—so your child can get the chewing relief they need once those teeth begin growing. Ryan & Rose sells pacifier holder clips that serve as clips and teethers! Your baby can safely use silicone or wood paci beads to get the relief they need. You can attach it to their paci, toy, sippy cup, or anything else.

They Come in Several Materials

Like many baby essentials, pacifier clips and cords come in several different materials. All your options have pros and cons, but by weighing them out, you can find what’s best for your little cutie.

Pacifier Clip Material

Most pacifier clips are metal because it’s more durable. However, some metals rust if you expose them to moisture, and you’ll need to clean the clip to keep it sanitary. Because of these factors, the best paci clips are stainless steel. Not only is the material durable, but it also won’t rust.

Pacifier Clip Cord Material

The cord comes in various materials, including:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Silicone
  • Wood

You Should Prioritize Safety

When it comes to everything you need to know about pacifier clips, safety comes first, and this is true with all baby-centric items. Pacifier clips, like pacis and teethers, are not toys; you should never treat them as such. Wear and tear can occur. Be sure to inspect your pacifier clip before each use, and discard at first sign of damage.

Clean It Regularly

Always clean the pacifier clip, especially if your baby uses it as a teether. Most experts recommend sanitizing the pacifier daily, so aim to do the same with the clip. Since you’ll have the two attached, you can easily clean off your paci clip and binky at the same time.

Don’t Let Your Baby Sleep With It

Your baby should never wear this clip if you can’t keep an eye on them, so don’t let your infant sleep with it. Although pacifier clips must pass specific regulations, these are not toys nor intended to be left with an unsupervised infant. You should remove the clip if you step away or your little one is out of sight.

Be Wary of Choking Hazards

Experts state that a paci clip shouldn’t be longer than 8 inches. If the cord is too long, it could become a choking hazard, specifically if it gets wrapped around your little one’s neck. Luckily, most cords follow this guideline, and you can verify it by checking the product description.

Only Buy Quality

It’s no secret that there are a plethora of pacifier clips out there, but that doesn’t mean you should buy just anything. Narrow your scope by eliminating paci clips with poor construction or long cords. While some paci clips are adorable, that doesn’t always make them safe. Try to purchase from companies who independently test their designs to CPSC standards; Small Parts and Use & Abuse testing.

Ryan and Rose sell various types of pacifier clips, and all our options are stylish and safe. Only buy the best products for your little cutie! With a great pacifier clip, you won’t worry about losing your little one’s treasured paci ever again.

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