What Are the Different Names for Pacifiers Around the World?

What Are the Different Names for Pacifiers Around the World?

Pacifiers go by all sorts of names; depending on where you are in the world, one variation may be more common than others. Learn more about the different names for pacifiers around the world, as well as a few paci facts every parent should know.

Other Names for Pacifiers

There are countless names for pacifiers worldwide, and we use some of these when referring to this item in America. For example, we may call it a dodie or a dummy, and both refer to the same thing. Below, we’ve listed out names for the pacifier from various countries around the world:

  • Dummy: England and Australia
  • Soothie/soother: Canada
  • Dodie: Northern England and Ireland
  • Pacificatore: Italy
  • Sucette: France

There are all sorts of different names for pacifiers around the world because each country has its own language. We often refer to it as a pacifier, paci, or binky in the United States. However, some of us use other variations such as dummy or soothie. While some cultures use a translation of the word, others name it with a describing word, but each refers to the same thing. 

Made Up Names

While there is a specific word for a pacifier in almost every language, babies communicate with their own words throughout most of their first year. So, your little one may shorten paci or pacifier to “pa” when they begin forming words. Likewise, some toddlers may call it a “suckie” because they suck on it.

Does Name Impact Pacifier Type?

Although there are different names for pacis in each country, there’s no need to worry about it impacting the type of pacifier. In other words, a silicon paci in America may get referred to as a silicon soothie in Canada.

The difference here lies in the culture and language used in those countries. No matter what type of dodie you buy— it has a stuffed animal attached, glows in the dark, etc.— each name refers to the same thing. And every pacifier works wonderfully to calm most babies and give them some relief.

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