When To Introduce a Pacifier to a Preemie

When To Introduce a Pacifier to a Preemie

Congratulations! You just welcomed a beautiful baby into your family. One of the big questions is when to introduce a pacifier to your baby. In this article, we’ll discuss when to introduce a pacifier to your preemie, plus the benefits of doing so and the types of pacis available!

When Should Preemies Start Using Pacifiers?

Typically, babies should start using pacifiers when drinking from a bottle or nursing with ease. Hospitals often give preemies a pacifier in the NICU because sucking on it helps regulate their heart rate and breathing. Since a preemie’s body is less developed, tools like a binky are essential in helping their bodies grow stronger. Plus, a binkie helps develop their sucking reflex, which they need for feeding.

Premature babies use pacis in a slightly different manner since they have specific needs compared to full-term newborns. Experts explain that using a paci comes with various benefits, such as helping to develop their sucking reflexes. Newborns require frequent feedings and need to learn how to latch on. Unlike a full-term infant, your preemie likely won’t develop the sucking reflex during pregnancy, but the paci will certainly help them adjust to life outside of the womb.

The Benefits of Using Pacifiers for Preemies

Pacifiers are beneficial for preemies in several ways. A binky can help to soothe and comfort the baby. Some preemies need to remain hooked up to medical equipment, but with a binky, they can still receive some form of comfort. Binkies that are specifically made for preemies have a specific design to maneuver around medical equipment, making them better suited for preemies than regular binkies.

Additionally, pacifiers can help regulate the baby’s breathing and heart rate, which is important for preemies who might be at risk of developing respiratory and related health problems.

Types of Pacifiers

Pacifiers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a round, bulbous shape, while others are more triangular in nature. The most common paci shapes include:

  • Bulb
  • Flat
  • Slant
  • Round

Round binkies made for preemies are smaller, so the nipple easily fits into the newborn's mouth. Many hospitals provide preemie pacifiers to their patients, and parents can also purchase them online or in stores.

Ryan & Rose

You can buy the perfect preemie non-toxic pacifier kit at Ryan & Rose. Our binkies are safe to use in the NICU. We’ve designed the paci to have a notch in it so a feeding tub, CPAP, or other medical essentials can get around it. This kit has two small round pacifiers for babies born before 35 weeks, as well as for the following stage of growth. Talk with your baby’s doctor before moving up to the second stage to ensure your little one is ready.

Knowing what to consider before introducing a pacifier to your preemie helps ensure you give your newborn the ideal binky. Shop at Ryan & Rose to buy the best quality paci for your baby, so they can rest comfortably after joining our beautiful world.

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